Life Insurance Brampton & Guelph ON

Will your loved ones be financially impacted if something happened to you?

If you answer yes, then by purchasing Life Insurance, you can protect them financially or pay off a mortgage in case of the policy owner’s death. Most employees have basic life insurance, but it may not be enough to meet your needs, and your coverage typically ends when you leave your job. You can also protect your family by purchasing term insurance, permanent life, or universal life.

If you’re considering non-medical life insurance or life insurance with medical conditions such as cancer, a heart condition, diabetes, etc., the best way to ensure that you receive proper recommendations concerning the purchase of life insurance is to seek the advice of an independent advisor licensed to sell life insurance.

Paul Taneja is an insurance advisor in Ontario who can help you make the right selection.

Life insurance is a contract between the Insurance company and the insured. This is a promise of a Guarantee to pay a lump sum amount to the family members of the insured in case of sudden death of the insured. Insurance companies promise to make payments to survival beneficiaries on the contract. Insured has to keep his promise to pay the premium to make the contract active.

There are different kinds of life insurance options for the client. As a team of professional insurance advisors, we can design custom build plans after assessing needs for an individual or Business.

Several life insurance options are available like Term Life insurance, Universal Life or Whole life even with Limited pay policies. Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life has saving and cash value portions as well. Cash value will solve the insured cash need while he is living and death benefits will be for survivor’s beneficiary. Permanent insurance policies are the best way to tax deferred growth and transfer Estate planning for tax efficient way. Term life insurance is the best and cheapest option to cover insured temp insurance needs whether it is to cover Mortgage/Business Loan or to protect kid’s education.

Each policy is Unique according to each person or Business needs. Reviewing your insurance policy is most important as the situation changes. It is important to review your life insurance policy annually or after any significant event in your life like Marriage, Divorce, Childbirth or adoption and major purchase like Home or Business Purchase.

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