Permanent Insurance Brampton & Guelph ON

Permanent life insurance policies never expire and have coverage for their whole life. Permanent insurance will remain in force as long as the insured pays the premiums.

There are two types of permanent life insurance - Whole life and Universal Life insurance.
Permanents policies has two components One is Insurance component and Second is the Saving component.
Some part of permanent policy premium goes towards saving portion to build a cash value in the policy which can be borrowed by insured later years if he needs some takes some time to build the cash value in the policy. Cash value in the permanent policies grow on a tax-deferred basis, means policyholder does not pay any tax on the growth of the cash value.
Cash Value in the policy can be used to pay the premium of the policy if you need to stop the premium for some time. Permanent insurance policy usually matured at age 100 years.

  • Whole Life insurance:
    This will provide with a certainty of 3 Guarantees
    Guaranteed amount of death benefits,
    Guaranteed rate of return on Cash Values and
    Guaranteed level of premium for life.
    There are other benefits for Participant whole life insurance policies which earns Dividends. Dividends give you an opportunity to receive enhanced death benefits and cash value growth.
  • Universal life(UL) Insurance:
    Like Participant whole life insurance policy Universal life insurance also has 3 different components including one saving and Cash value component.
    There is a major difference between Par. Whole life and Universal Life Insurance, which is investment choice. In Par whole policies you have no choice for your investment but in UL policies you can choose investment products according to your own choice. Also, UL policies give flexibility for premium based on minimum and maximum limit to build up accumulating funds. Accumulated fund value will fluctuate based on the performance of your investments.
    UL insurance policies are the best way to build estate and also transfer the estate to the next generation with the most tax-efficient way.

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